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Switched On Global is for leaders and catalysts who enable co-creation in complex business situations. We teach about becoming Well and leading Co-creation, in the belief of its betterment for Humankind.

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Co-creative Strategic and Innovation Workshops

 Not all meetings require co-creation. Some meetings are meant to be an update only. However when a leader believes there is untapped potential latent in their team, designing and leading a co-creative meeting can be the difference between progress and continued frustration. Knowing the right process is not enough. There is (also) an art to facilitating co-creation. Blending art, science and practice optimizes the chances for the best results.

Switched On Global has over 20years experience in designing and facilitating co-creation in over 20 countries, helping to bridge diverse cultures and agendas to progress a common good. Co-creative Strategic and Innovation Workshops liberate the potential of the participants by decreasing the resistance between them. We share what is Known, explore what is Unknown and design the New, together.

Collaborative Conferences

Surprisingly, death by Powerpoint still lives. When those with the greatest accountability are gathered at great expense, how do we go beyond the business update and include space for these bright minds to work on the challenges facing the business they all serve?

Collaborative Conferences are designed and conducted to interconnect the collective brain-power on the topics that matter most to the company at the time. Co-creating through dialogue, leveraging existing momentum wherever possible and proposing improved (and sometimes radical) solutions, makes way for the next evolution during the year ahead.

Organisation Transformation

When the rules are not clear, people make up their own. Colleagues working to KPI’s alone miss seeing the woodland for the trees. Decisions based on the small picture alone stifle progression of the big. Frustration is born out of ‘my view’ being different to ‘your view’ resulting in often well-intended individuals being at loggerheads.

Discovering and espousing an organisation’s ‘big picture’ aligns and attunes action. Mico actions serve a clear and compelling Macro focus. Articulated as a powerful backbone; the organisation’s purpose, values, leadership style, ambition, strategy, history and brand align to form a coherent framework for all parties to connect to. The framework alone is not enough. Leading the difference matters just as much. Co-creating these important two elements coheres the science with the art, knowing that both co-arise.

Eco-system Innovation and Strategy

When transactional exchange evolves to co-creative partnering, magic happens. Many of the attentions applied to an organisation transformation easily transfer to large ecosystems.

Regenerative economies progress through co-creating collective areas of attention, then permitting cross-functional and cross-organisational teams to act on behalf of the whole.

From our experience, leadership is the key here. The most successful ecosystem innovations have come from the few most senior leaders clearing the way for teams to get on with action, rather than attempt to lead the action themselves.

Training Programs in Facilitating and Leading Co-Creation

Becoming a facilitator or leader of co-creation is a journey in itself. A blend of online and offline programs support the evolution of this capacity, knowing that practice makes progress.

Our premier online training programme, The Art of Co-Creation, builds collective capacities to bring all voices into creating solutions together, addressing the complex problems challenging organisations and communities today.

For more, click here theartofcocreation.com

100% Online Meetings or In Person Meetings, Co-creation principles are the same.

Online Course - at your own pace

Leading Co-Creation is a transformative online training program designed to empower you with skills and knowledge to facilitate and lead co-creative sessions.

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Switched On Global helps organisations and individuals decrease the Resistance between things, so Potential becomes Actual.

 We help you to move beyond outdated ways of working, and adopt new co-creative practices of working wholly together.

All theory, method and practice embraces the best research we can find from top thinkers past and present.

Our approaches are always updating. Please make contact if you’d like to know more about what is most present.

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