The Art of Co-Creation

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The Art of Co-Creation is a 100% Online Course for leaders and facilitators wanting to learn how to design a co-creative meeting from scratch and deliver it themselves to their teams on time and in full. Leading such energetic meeting experiences allows participants to co-create results from a deeper level of engagement and therefore, optimise the chances of success.

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Who is the course for?

Leaders, Catalysts and Facilitators. Anyone who is taking responsibility for holding a co-creative meeting. Where you have a date in the diary with your name next to it. To design it, run it and to make it a success. You’re on the hook! Your neck is on the line!

What does it help you to do? Learn how to do?

Go through step by step, on how to run a powerful co-creative meeting, taught by a team of professionals who know how to do it and have the battle scars to prove it.

Everything taught has been learnt through the school of hard knocks. We’d like to save you the pain, so you can take it further.

What is the benefit??

This course helps make meetings matter. There is no need any longer to let poor meeting process paralyse progress. Here is the theory, method, science and practice all stacked in favour of knowing what to do and how to go about it. We’re not saying this is THE process. We are saying it is A process, for sure.

This takes away the pain of mindless meetings – a poor experience between intelligent people experienced as boredom, frustration, anger and/or exhaustion.

Leading meetings in this way takes all the pressure off your shoulders for having to have the answer. One graduate of The Art of Co-Creation, initially thought his job was to present the best answer for the problem everyone was gathering to address. After the course he saw that it was not his job to provide the answer. Instead, his job was to provide the method everyone will follow for them (all) to come up with the solution together.

This method draws out poor behaviours like fist banging the table or being too meek. In a non-threatening way, people are invited to sit back and listen in the beginning and absorb. People then then talk over what they’ve heard, what they think and feel (based on what they know) and look for the best solution fit for them all to deliver together.

The method is basic. The art of running it builds with practice

How do you make a meeting matter?

If only every meeting could produce the best solution.
If only every meeting could find a flow.
If we could find a way through the swamp, what would be the 3-4 steps that would get us through?

The most comprehensive solutions are seen through the collective view and built by collective practice. Switching on the collective is a challenging opportunity and possible given the right support…

Productivity rises, the vibration of the team elevates, a culture is created and you find yourself in a flow! Learning to re-switch it on then becomes part of the solution too.

If these problems are not solved collectively, survival of the fittest sets in, whether it manifests in aggressive or passive behaviour. To have constructive, creative and sometimes magical meetings happen, takes skill, design and intent. All possible if given the correct conditions.

We believe, this course serves a purpose in helping to understand the foundations and to begin the practice of Leading co-creation for teams you serve as leader or facilitator. From introduction to design principles, course outlines to flipchart toolkits, video examples of teams in co-creative work to small core teams designing a meeting from scratch, this video based course, linked with our growing co-creative community, is a real solution when you don’t know what to do or where to start in holding a co-creative meeting/event. If you’re interested in learning, this 100% online course is just right for you.

Bonus… Graduates enter the growing community of practitioners happening worldwide. Monthly community calls can be attended by all attendees and graduates of The Art of Co-creation. Private conversations with the course leaders is possible on request too.

This course helps leaders learn how to make meetings matter so they can engage their people for a change.